Tuesday, August 6, 2013

AUD/USD may see larger short squeeze

 AUD/USD may see larger short squeeze says BNPP after the RBA statement altered its policy guidance paragraph to reflect a move from an easing, to a neutral bias. It now appears that the RBA will be data dependent, with key parameters being the labor market, China and AUD. The bank notes the RBA's language describing the economy had hardly changed despite the recent run of weak data, and it seems to expect, and is relying on, a further depreciation of AUD. China-related growth sentiment of late has suggested that AUD is oversold, but this failed to lift AUD as RBA rate cut pricing increased. With this factor now removed, AUD could rally by 2-3 big figures says the bank. AUD/USD now at 0.8985.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fonterra conference held in Beijing, CEO apologized to Chinese consumers

August 5, Fonterra New Zealand Millennium Hotel in Beijing held a news conference, on the part containing botulinum whey protein powder into China will be described.
 Speaking at a press conference in Beijing, Spierings said that 90 percent of the affected products have been contained, with the remaining 10 percent to be recalled within two days.

Fonterra said on Friday that some of its whey protein concentrate produced in May 2012 was found to be contaminated with clostridium botulinum, a bacteria that can cause food poisoning. The concentrate was used in products including infant milk powder and sports drinks.

China's consumer quality watchdog said Sunday the contaminated products were exported to four Chinese companies, including Hangzhou Wahaha Health Food Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Wahaha Import & Export Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tangjiu (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai-based Dumex Baby Food Co., Ltd.

Seeking to reassure Chinese consumers, the CEO said that processing methods would kill off the bacteria.

He also said that all the affected Dumex products on the market have been recalled, with some still in inventory. Meanwhile, New Zealand-based company Nutricia has also taken measures to recall its affected Karicare-brand dairy products.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

www.google.com.au Development Analysis in Australia

www.google.com.au Development Analysis in Australia.

www.google.com.au is famous search engine Google in Australia set up sub-stations, Google Street View in Australia, covering the entire country of Australia, major cities including Sydney, the capital of Perth, Melbourne.